So, this is me. A Swedish tenor that always is trying his best to be the best singer he can be. I started studying music at the young age of six, playing the violin. I was later, at the age of ten, accepted to a music school, where my love for singing began. I still remember my first solo. The thrill, the excitement and the nerves. And of course; the feeling afterwards. Something telling you that you did good, that you're ok, feeling the energy from the audience.


Later, I chose to study at the University College of Opera in Stockholm. There's where I, by coincidence, found my singing teacher, Douglas Yates, after a couple of years of studying. I was taught bel canto, the old Lamperti system of teaching. He was just visiting the Royal Opera House in Stockholm, and had an opening, which I took. I was hoping to find someone that could teach what I felt that I needed. So I did, and we've been working together ever since. That's why I moved to Germany to study for him, outside of Nürnberg.

After this, I started working in Sweden and Germany, and have been working in different European countries since. 


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