DYVA - Douglas Yates Vocal Arts

Douglas Yates is a well known master baritone and voice instructor. He founded and runs Vocal Arts (DYVA) in Nürnberg, Germany, which seeks out and develops exceptionally talented young singers. Vocal Arts is not just responsible for the vocal development of it's singers, but also offers assistance in their career growth, through it's management program.


Mr. Yates is well known for his mastery of the old italian bel canto singing system developed by Lamperti, in his work as a teacher, and as well in his own singing. He is not just known for his operatic performances but is equally celebrated on the concert stage. In his Vocal Arts Master Classes through out Europe, Mr. Yates has the great pleasure of meeting and working with outstanding young operatic talent.


It was during his work giving master classes at the Royal Opera of Stockholm, Sweden, in 2010 where Mr. Yates first met Joel Annmo. The two have been working very intensely ever since, and thru this work, Joel has been offered and accepted many opera productions and concert engagements.