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Am right now in Germany with my teacher Douglas Yates to prepare some repertoire. Always good to get some lessons and to have someone you trust completely regarding your voice. Sometimes you need someone else to tell you no, or for that matter, to tell you yes. If you trust this person you will hopefully listen and learn, make better choices, whatever that might concern at the moment. He has also given me unbelievable amounts of support and training regarding, well, basically being a singer. Being a singer is not only demanding vocally, but, I would say much, much more, mentally. That's why you need someone you trust. Someone that can be like a mentor. It doesn't have to be your voice teacher, but you need someone you trust with your voice, and someone with your head. This might sound weird, but I truly believe it is very important. If it's the same person, great, if not, then find someone else that can, and is willing, to support you. 

The mental part is everything between having the courage, keeping cool, making good choices, being able to perform under a great deal of pressure and stress. And also, when something goes wrong, to have the abillity to get back on your feet and take the step back out on the stage. This might sound trivial and easy, but believe me, it is not. You are always judged and reviewed as a singer. It is part of the job. Your work is so much more then what you're "just" performing on stage, but you're only judged for what you perform at that very moment. And you have many, many people that will tell you things, good or bad. Sometimes it feels like every day is an audition, sometimes not. But you're basically always judged end criticized. In one way, I guess we all are. But in this profession, it is extreme, and very much in a public matter. You just have to learn how to deal with it. But even the most experienced singer can have a bad day, or a hard time to recover from failure or bad mental patterns. 

Anyhow, I wasn't planning on writing about this stuff. Need to sing and study. Talk later.

// Joel

"The big surprise is young Joel Annmo, who can absolutely become our next world tenor.""...he is most welcome for more frequent Sweden visits with his full, beautiful and solid tenor voice."

Ekuriren 11.09.2015

"The vocal highlight of the evening was Joel Annmo as Nemorino, he delivers his aria Una furtiva lagrima with the best of italian excitement and belcanto; including screams of encore from the audience."

Operapoint 23.09.2013

"With his intelligent interpretation, certainty of style, vivid brilliant art of phrasing and fine nuanced expression...""Annmo's tender timbre, sensitive mature lyric tenor, unquestionably meets the highest of expectations."

Coburger Tageblatt 09.09.2013

"The singers were all Swedish, and, among them, my favorite was Joel Annmo as Tamino. His voice has a good center and very easy high notes, sustained by an intelligent use of breath...""His voice has a natural elegance and dignity, which made his Tamino a very believable Prince. His delivery of "Dies Bildnis" was very enjoyable."

Bachtrack.com 27.12.2016

"...and a wonderful pure voice, that expresses all the emotions. He can not cry anymore. After a dry sob he breaks out "Ridi, Pagliaccio". The effect is immense."

Die Welt 02.11.2012