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I haven't spent this much time in bed since I don't know when. No, I'm not talking about being sick or sleeping. As the character Jonathan in the new opera Dracula, I get unwell and spend a lot of time in a bed. There I get to meet some very interesting vampires that want to do very interesting things with me. But, Dracula will not let them. I'm all his. Oh, and yes, I'm also in a wheelchair. It's safe to say; Jonathan does not have a good time in this opera. 

I think this will be a very good production, with A LOT of things happening on stage. Special effects, lighting, costumes and make up will make it visually something unusually exciting. I'm very much looking forward to the premiere. We are also having lots of fun. I mean, it's Dracula. You have to work hard to make that kind of story boring on stage.

A part from that, I'm preparing audition repertoire and other stuff that I need to always have available. Playing with a few new things that's probably a little too big and out of my fach still, but you can always play. I will also hopefully get a couple of new recordings soon. It's always difficult to find the time and opportunity to have a good recording session. Then you also have to decide on what repertoire you should choose, which is not always easy when you don't get many chances to make a solid recording. So. Let's see how this all turns out. Hopefully I can present something descent in a couple of weeks.

Anyhow, I need to study some songs and arias. See you later // Joel


I'm currently learning the new piece Dracula for next season at the Royal Opera House in Stockholm. I'm singing the role of Jonathan and am going to do my favourite thing - going from normal to absolute sick and crazy. There's something very...strangely satisfying playing crazy characters. Maybe because you go so far from what you consider yourself to be. Am not sure. But I love it. That's also how my obsession with clowns started - yes I do know that many people are afraid of clowns, and might find it less than fascinating. However, I love them, and collect all kinds of clowns. My whole appartment is full of them, together with some circus stuff. It started when I sang Canio (on a very small stage with a very small orchestra, otherwise that role is of course too big and dramatic for me right now). It was just something fundamentally sad with that piece and role. I also think it (to sound pretentious) catches the essence of what being an artist means. It does not matter what's going on in your life, or what you have to deal with - just paint the smile on your face and face the audience. Smile and everyone will applaud. Put the make up on and forget about everything, they just want to see the clown. It sounds very harsch, but it is in one way true. This somehow got to me, feeling lonely in Germany at the time, having a hard time finding my way as a singer etc., and led me to start collecting clowns. May sound silly, but that's the reason I love them.

Anyhow, enough of that sidetrack. I'm also singing a very nice role with the Swedish Radio Symphony soon. The piece was played in the late 1880s at the Royal Opera in Stockholm. Since then, no one has done it. It's called I Firenze (In Florence)  and I'm singing the role of Stefano. I'm very much looking forward to it. This summer will also inlcude a new piece, Brothers, together with the Jyske Opera and Kasper Holten in Denmark. I'm playing the troubled brother, a criminal with all kinds of issues, of Michael - the good one. It's based on the Danish movie Brothers that also got a Hollywood version of it. We have already rehearsed a bit, and will continue later in July.

So needless to say, there's enough to sing, learn and think about at the moment. The Merry Widow and Das Rheingold will be played before the summer as well, but then - vacation. Ok, time to go. Need to study and work out. See you later // Joel


"The big surprise is young Joel Annmo, who can absolutely become our next world tenor.""...he is most welcome for more frequent Sweden visits with his full, beautiful and solid tenor voice."

Ekuriren 11.09.2015

"The vocal highlight of the evening was Joel Annmo as Nemorino, he delivers his aria Una furtiva lagrima with the best of italian excitement and belcanto; including screams of encore from the audience."

Operapoint 23.09.2013

"With his intelligent interpretation, certainty of style, vivid brilliant art of phrasing and fine nuanced expression...""Annmo's tender timbre, sensitive mature lyric tenor, unquestionably meets the highest of expectations."

Coburger Tageblatt 09.09.2013

"The singers were all Swedish, and, among them, my favorite was Joel Annmo as Tamino. His voice has a good center and very easy high notes, sustained by an intelligent use of breath...""His voice has a natural elegance and dignity, which made his Tamino a very believable Prince. His delivery of "Dies Bildnis" was very enjoyable."

Bachtrack.com 27.12.2016

"...and a wonderful pure voice, that expresses all the emotions. He can not cry anymore. After a dry sob he breaks out "Ridi, Pagliaccio". The effect is immense."

Die Welt 02.11.2012